The concept of “youmakelifeworthlearning” began in the summer of 1972.  I was awakened by percolating coffee, fresh baked biscuits, Granddaddy whistling back to the Bob White on the nearby power line, and my brothers’ laughter at the cartoons on the black and white T.V. that was in my grand parents’ living room.  It was a few days before the 4th of July and the three of us had come to visit and I could not wait to get started.  As I fumbled through the feather mattress on the floor and fought the piles of covers that nestled me so tight, I finally found my way into the kitchen.  Greeting me with a smile and arms stretched out wide, Grandmomma Lewis said, You make life worth living, all three of you!  There is nothing better in the world than sweet grandchildren”.  She taught me the art of making the perfect mud pie and setting the perfect table on the dirt floor under the house. After crafting the dining area with walls made of old windows and fashioning “weathered” coffee tins as the legs to the beautifully decorated table, Grandmomma Lewis would always say, “As long as you are with those you love, even a dirt cellar can be as fine as the White House”.  Simple summer get -a -ways made life worth living and learning.